A new programming paradigm. Nothing works without source code, so open source is a must.. More Information about this language is found by clickin Aleph in the navigation bar. Documentation in english is not the actual one, please use the old one and the descripion of the actual vocabulary. Translators needed for all Projects!!

MathML in Java

In german only. 
Displaying MathML in Java. Much more is possible. Create own layout for mathematiclal formulars, connect the pack with the 3D-Display ans Aleph. A graphical formular editor is still in the developing pipeline.

eXJE an editor with IDE qualities

In german only.
An other Editor for Java in Java. Here the focus is set onto the code instaed the project structure. It is not useful for project management, like eclipse or NetBeans. It is created for education and for quick editing and testing. Multiple files in use, compiling, starting with different Java installations, own process window for every started or compiled file. Number of open files and/or processes are limited only by RAM.

2D-Display more than a simple Plotter

In german only.
Useful to show free formulated functions without compiling. Build-in-parser with an Aleph subset. A sahara sized sandbox  to play with properties of mathematical displays.

3D-Display shows more than only functions

In german only.
Mathematics in three dimensions without Java-3D, JOGL or OpenGL. Any bordering plane can be used as a projection plane. All four seeing of three dimensional coherence are displayable. Rotation and translation around and along every axis.