The first matter is to promote programming. A wide spectrum exists on this site. All programs are Open Source and under GNU General Public License (GPL).

Essential Contents

First of all the programming language Aleph.
Also basics of Java and XML. How to create and program virtual engines. Techniques of symbolic formular translation. Graphics to display formulars. Generating Java source code directly from MathML. And more ...

Projects Pursues

Open Source with examples. This is giving the name of this site. Learning by Doing works excellent with some basic defaults. This means eXaMPLes.

Aspired Result

An interactive system for mathematics and programming. That means programming in mathematics. Formulating mathematical expressions, displaying its functions  in 2 and/or 3 dimensions. Generating stand alone source code for Java and Aleph. Generating documenting files in MathML, Latex. Using MathML for system input.